Sigurd Mounkest Valkyr.

Scythe's Character


The Valkyr Bloodline, an on and off again lineage of warriors and mighty beings who are always at the forefront of the fight against the end of the world, always trying to make sure there’s another day ahead for others. The firs major name in this bloodline goes back long before Dragon’s fall (not sure if name is right) as a young village smith joined a war effort, and rose to the rank of commander of the legions of Verona, and his mighty war against monstrosities that sough to devour the world of Ephia in madness. Many logs were lost in those days, and his fate was unsure for many ages, but his power was legendary.

Next to be noticed in this bloodline, though the name was lost at first, was Baldur Mountainthrower, King of the Kestrals, The Platinum Shield, Platinum Reborn, and the Vanquisher of the Twilight (not sure if that was the other title or not). His was a poor begging, as he was a street orphan, who was adopted by the king of Aquamarine, the mighty trade city of Ephia. Baldur loved his father, and grew to become knowledgeable of of the arts of the Paladin’s, more specifically, the paladins of Kord, the god of might and war.

As he studied, a blow was dealt, as his father had died of old age, and the throne of Aquamarine taken from him by trickery of the merchants. He left, and though he tried to get back his kingdom, he saw that the merchants were doing good by the people, and slaves were slowly getting freed, and left it to them, begrudgingly of course.

After adventuring with his friends, they came across the kingdom of the Kestrals, and that is where he met the love of his life (add name here cause it’s been like 2-3 years). They courted, they loved, and they built the kingdom to be even grander, and it prospered for many long years, as his life had been extended by means he shall keep secret, possibly by means of the holy platinum he rediscovered. The war he fought, was one that would have dealt the gods down from power, and remove them forever from Ephia. He and his friends combined their might, and brought the enemy low and freed the gods of this blite, and earned peace for ephia once more.

And now, it dawns upon the newest link in the Valkyr blood chain, Sigurd Mounkest Valkyr

Sigurd Mounkest Valkyr is a kind, caring person, whose family history as smith’s has proudly carried on through the ages, though he adds a new twists to that line. He adds art of engineering into it, as well as being one of smiths. He wants to make sure that nothing can stop him from creating the greatest of things in the world, that which would last era’s, and be the talk of legends.

Sigurd Mounkest Valkyr.

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